The mission of Green Earth Consulting Ltd is to work for the development and promotion of organic agriculture, environmental protection, sustainable development, and turning Bulgaria into a leader into these spheres within the Balkans.

Green Earth Consulting Ltd aims to offer to Bulgarian organic farmers, processors, and traders a complete and closed cycle of services needed for the sustainable development and the growth of their business. We have chosen the best partners for the realization of our plans and ideas, and we want to create a suitable climate for the ascending development of the sector in Bulgaria.

Jivko Djamiarov
The inspiration behind Green Earth Consulting
Jivko is a former manager of the Bulgarian branch of the biggest Austrian organic certification body and a inspector in organic trade and processing with over 100 inspections. Currently, he is a freelance consultant. He is interested in organic farming, trade and processing, vegetarianism as a way of life, humane treatment of animals, and environmental protection of Bulgarian nature.

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Green Earth Consulting Ltd

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